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A little about Orange Grove Beads


Opening any sort of e-commerce store was never in my "plans" but something that sort of developed organically due to my obsession with Czech glass fruit beads.  I live in Florida where we are particularly proud of our citrus/agriculture industry so I began searching out fruit beads to create jewelry reflecting my love of fruit.  I began to realize that in addition to the standard fruit colors and shapes that are out there, there were a lot of more unusual shape and color variations and I now needed to find ALL of them.

I also found that it was surprisingly difficult to locate the other "basics" beads I needed to make my fruit jewelry...things like white flowers and green leaves so I also stock a variety of those as well.  Since I live my life with a tendency to meander and just go where the currents take me, I've stumbled across many other unusual beads, pendants, and findings that I am happy to be able to share with others. 

A few of my other interests are vintage Florida kitsch, all things tiki, beach combing, gardening, music, hanging out on my lanai, treasure hunting in thrift stores, and visiting places I find on the website.